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Joan, your speeches were brilliant, and what amazing organization! I NEVER see audiences like that! Anne, 2021.

'Joan, you are the best music teacher I have ever had'.

Bob, 2021.

'Du, Mama, mit der Joan, das passt'.

Konstantin, 8 Jahre alt, 2020.

'Best lecturer ever'. Student at University of Vienna, 2019.


'Very motivating lecturer'. Should be promoted'. Student at University of Vienna, 2019.

'You were a huge success on the course'. Austrian Armed Forces, 2018.

This course was the first time I enjoyed learning anything, not just English’. H.B. A1Telekom, 2015.

‘I loved every single lesson you gave us and I was always looking forward to my favorite pre-weekend activity’. (email)  

J. G. A1Telekom, 2015

‘You are very good with the students and are very respectful of us’.

T. D. A1Telekom, 2014


‘I like our conversations because you have such a good way of looking at important issues’. Prof. S. WU, 2014.


‘I really enjoy the course, although I hated English at school’.

C.G. A1Telekom, 2015.


‘Your classes are always so funny and I feel that I am learning a lot’. A.G. A1Telekom.


‘I am grateful for having such a good instructor’.

E.F. A1Telekom, 2015.


‘Classes were always so interesting.

I wish we had sessions several times a week’.

M. R. A1Telekom, 2015.


‘You have a very kind way of correcting our mistakes’.

K.B. A1 Telekom, 2014.


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