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I came to Vienna from London at a time

when it was fairly drab and grey.

Shops were shut at 12.oo on a Saturday, there was little foreign food and not many young people.

 I came to study music and am still friends with people I met in 1992, which makes it feel like home.

Other than playing the violin

in orchestra and chamber music,

I love singing. I am now leading the choir at 

Christ Church, Vienna. 

At the moment we have one singer from the Ukraine, 3 from England, 

one from Spain, one from Nigeria, one from Tai Wan, one from China, 

three from the US and one from Turkey. 

It's fun trying to find common vowels.


At the moment I am planning concerts

in England and in Vienna, with both singers and instrumentalists. 

This photo is from church, where people still dress up on a Sunday. 

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